Top 10 Great Grammar for Great Writing

Best English Grammar Book (Pdf) Top 10 Great Grammar for Great Writing

Top 10 Great Grammar for Great Writing is one of the best English Grammar Book that you should learn. 

Top 10 offers instruction and writing practice in ten essential grammar areas for better English writing. ESL writers at the intermediate level tend to produce writing with a high number of surface-level errors, especially errors in grammar. Top 10 addresses these types of errors while working on building better sentences and paragraphs.

Because editing of student writing is a primary objective for many courses at the intermediate level, many exercises in Top 10 deal with editing or with producing original writing followed by editing. These exercises attempt to focus students’ attention on common grammatical errors and then teach students various options for making corrections.

Grammar Reviews and Explanations

The English grammar reviews and explanations have been written to focus specifically on problems that occur in student writing, not in speech. Top 10 is not meant to be an exhaustive grammar book; it reviews common problem areas and helps students focus their attention on the gap between how they are writing and how they should be writing. Because of this, teachers may note the absence of certain grammar points. For example, in Chapter 2,

Review of Verbs,” instead of covering all the verb tenses in English, we focus on six common tenses. Our analysis of student writing needs indicates that it is more prudent for intermediate ESL writers to focus their attention on these specific tenses, so we have limited our instruction and subsequent practice to just these six.

In contrast, a comprehensive grammar book would most likely provide a chart with all twelve verb tenses, including less common tenses such as future perfect progressive.

English Grammar Book Content

Chapter 1 Parts of Speech 1

  • Verbs 1
  • Nouns 8
  • Pronouns 10
  • Prepositions 12
  • Adjectives 13
  • Adverbs 15
  • Conjunctions 16 1.8WordForms 17

Chapter 2 Review of Verbs 23

  • Six Common Tenses in English 23
  • Simple Present Tense 23
  • Present Progressive Tense 28
  • Simple Past Tense 33
  • Past Progressive Tense 39
  • Present Perfect Tense 42
  • Simple Future Tense 45

Chapter 3 Nouns and Articles 53

  • Noun Basics 53
  • Count Nouns 54
  • Articles a and an 59
  • Noncount Nouns 60
  • The Article the 62
  • Review of Articles with Nouns 65
  • Quantifiers with Count and Noncount Nouns 66
  • Functions of Nouns in a Sentence 67
  • Possessive Forms of Nouns 74

Chapter 4 Subject-Verb Agreement 79

  • Subject-Verb Agreement: Present Tense Verbs 79
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: Negative Verbs 81
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: With be (present tense) 82
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: With be (past tense) 84
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: With Indefinite Pronouns 85
  • Subject + Prepositional Phrase + Verb 87
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: With there + be 88

Chapter 5 Modals 93

  • What Are Modals? 93
  • Modals for Requests and Permission 95
  • Modals of Ability 98
  • Modals of Necessity 100
  • Modals of Possibility and Probability 101
  • Modals of Advisability and Suggestion 103
  • Negative Modals 104
  • Questions with Modals: Review 106

Chapter 6 Prepositions 111

  • What Are Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases? Ill
  • 40 Common Prepositions 112
  • Describing Place and Time with at, on, in 115
  • Prepositions of Time 121
  • Prepositions of Direction or Movement 125
  • Prepositions in Combination 127

Chapter 7 Adjectives 137

  • Placement of Adjectives 137
  • Adjective + Preposition Combinations 139
  • Be + Adjective Combinations 141
  • Participial Adjectives 143
  • Adjective Clauses 146

Chapter 8 Sentence Patterns with Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs 153

  • Sentences with be 153
  • Sentence Patterns with Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 159
  • Sentence Patterns with Adverbs 162

Chapter 9 Sentence Types 169

  • Simple Sentence Review 169
  • Compound Sentences 171
  • Better Sentences with Adjective Clauses 173
  • Better Sentences with Adverb Clauses 177

Chapter 10 Common Grammar Errors 185

  • Be I Have 185
  • Make / Do 187
  • Say /Tell 191
  • To + Verb 194
  • Many / Much 195
  • A Few I A Little 197
  • Another / Other / Others 198
  • Too / Very 200
  • Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives, and Possessive Pronouns 201
  • Do Not Begin Sentences with and / but / so / or 204
Top 10 Great Grammar for Great Writing 

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Top 10 offers instruction and writing practice in ten essential grammar areas for better English writing. ESL writers at the intermediate level tend to produce writing with a high number of surface-level errors, especially errors in grammar.


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