Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing


Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing is one of the best English Grammar Book that you should learn. 

Opening Discussion: Check Your Grammar

Each chapter opens with a Check Your Grammar exercise designed to test students’ knowledge of the grammar point to be examined, using subject matter drawn from one of seven academic areas familiar to the majority of students.

After the students have done the exercise and discussed their findings with a partner, it is up to the teacher to go over the exercise with the students to help them understand the nature of the grammar problem they will be studying

English Grammar Reviews and Explanations

The grammar reviews and explanations cover problems that characterize student writing, not speaking. Top 20 is not meant to be a complete grammar book; instead, it reviews common problem areas and helps students focus their attention on the gap between what they are writing and what they should be writing.

For this reason, certain grammar points have been given special emphasis, others very little. For example, we have not focused much on the future perfect tense because our analysis of student writing needs indicates that attention to other areas such as the present perfect and consistent verb tense usage is the more prudent approach.

English Grammer Exercise Types

Original Sentences

Some exercises ask students to write original sentences to illustrate a very specific aspect of a given grammar point. We recommend that you have students discuss their answers in groups and possibly write some of their sentences on the board for general class discussion about what is correct, what is not correct, and why a gap between the two exists.

Selecting the Correct Form

Some exercises present students with two to three answer options, and students must underline or circle the correct answer. The incorrect answer options are almost always forms that students with various first languages would use. Thus, this kind of exercise is harder than it might appear

Editing of Sentences

Because a paragraph is only as good as the sentences in it, the exercises on editing sentences present students with sentences one at a time. The sentences are often about a single topic and are related to each other. Students are asked to focus on one specific grammar issue—for example, verb tenses—and check for that specific grammar point in each of the sentences.

Editing of Paragraphs 

In the exercises on editing paragraphs, students are given a paragraph written for native speakers. Common sources for the exercise text are business books, history books, education texts, speech books, sociology texts, the Internet, and newspapers. Students are not told where the errors are, but they are always told how many errors to look for or what type of errors there are.

These two points are important in helping students practice looking for, finding, and correcting specific errors that they are likely to be making. Since the teaching goal is to enable students to edit for specific kinds of errors, it makes sense to tell them what errors to look for. For example, if we want students to check for subject-verb agreement and word endings, then teachers and materials should train students to look for these particular mistakes. Instead of the more typical directions that ask students to find “the errors” in a given piece of writing, the most effective exercises direct students to find, for example, five errors: two subject-verb errors and three pronoun errors. In this way, student writers are actually editing for the types of errors that teachers want them to focus on.

Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice exercises follow the traditional format. Four choices are usually offered with only one choice being correct. The Chapter Quiz in each chapter follows this format as well.

Locating the Error

In error identification exercises, students read single sentences in which four words or phrases have been underlined. Students must circle the letter labeling the word or phrase that contains a grammatical error and then write their edited answer above the error. Error identification exercises are helpful in the overall SLA process because they can raise learners’ consciousness of a linguistic feature by requiring learners to focus their attention on the difference, or gap, between the incorrect form and the correct form (Schmidt, 2001).

English Grammar Book Content

1. Nouns
2. Articles: a, an, the
3. Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives
4. Verb Tense Review
5. Problems with Verb Tenses
6. Subject-Verb Agreement
7. Prepositions
8. Word Forms
9. Modals: Present, Future, Past
10. Gerunds and Infinitives
11. Passive Voice and Participal Adjectives
12. Conditionals
13. Word Order and Word Combination
14. Adjective Clauses and Reductions
15. Adverb Clauses and Reductions
16. Noun Clauses
17. Better Sentences: Variety, Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices
18. Parallel Structure
19. Confusing Words and Structures
20. Editing It All Together

Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing 

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Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing is one of the best English Grammar Book that you should learn. 


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