English Listening Practice: Basic Level – Basic Level – Lesson 5 (The Family)

English Listening Practice through English conversation Basic Level – Lesson 5 (The Family)

English Listening Practice: Basic Level – Lesson 5 (The Family)

Listen English conversation to improve your listening skill.

English Conversation Sample

A: That’s me in the middle. That’s my oldest niece, Betsy, on the left. She’s in her second year of college. And that’s my nephew, on the right. He’s just finished high school.
B: Oh, he’s handsome.

A: That’s me on the left.
B: Who are the other two?
A: Those are my sister and brother, Maria and Jose. They’re twins.
B: How old are they?
A: They’re ten.

A: That’s me and my parents.
B: Boy! You look just like your dad.
A: No, I don’t!

A: This is a picture of my son and daughter. B: Is your daughter older than your son? A: Yes, much older. She’s 26.
B: How old is your son?
A: He’s 17.
B: That’s a big difference.

A: These are my parents and that’s my grandmother on the left.
B: How old is she?
A: She’s 60.
B: She looks young for 60.

A: This is my father with my uncle and aunt and two cousins.
B: Which one is your father?
A: The one on the left.
B: Oh, yes.


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English Conversation

English Listening Practice

Basic Level – Lesson 5 (The Family)

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