English Listening Practice: Basic Level – Lesson 6 (Entertainment)

English Listening Practice through English conversation: Basic Level - Lesson 6 (Entertainment)

English Listening Practice: Basic Level – Lesson 6 (Entertainment)

Listen English conversation to improve your listening skill.

English Conversation Sample

A: So do you think we should go and see it? B: Yes, I think so. I hear it’s very good. My friend said the story is great. And I love Arnold Schwarzenegger.
A: So do I. His movies are always full of action.

A: What’s the weather going to be like on Saturday?
B: Hot and sunny.
A: Oh, good, so let’s go then. It’ll be perfect for swimming.
B: Yeah. But I just want to lie on the sand and sleep.

A: What time is the game?
B: It’s at two o’clock.
A: Great. Are you playing?
B: Sure.

A: What do you want to do this weekend? B: I don’t know. What do you want to do? A: I don’t know.
B: Hey, I know. Let’s get the guys and go rollerblading.
A: Okay.

A: What do you need to buy?
B: Well, I need some new jeans.
A: And I need some shirts.
B: Okay. Let’s go on Saturday afternoon
A: Want to come with me on Saturday? I don’t think it’ll be too hot. It’s great exercise.
B: Okay. I’ll pack a lunch. Maybe we can ride to a park and have a picnic.
A: Great idea.


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English Listening Practice

Lesson 6 (Entertainment)

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