English Reading Comprehension Book: Reading 15 minutes a Day

English Reading Comprehension Book: Reading 15 minutes a Day (Pdf)

Reading 15 minutes a Day is one of the best English Reading Comprehension Book

English Reading is an essential skill for any student at every point of their education, and absolutely critical for high school, college, and future career success. But reading is more than knowing the meaning of words on a page-it’s being able to identify concepts, analyze arguments, and respond to questions, retain information, and apply what you’ve read-all the essential skills that compose solid reading comprehension.

Junior Skill Builders: Reading in 15 Minutes a Day will show you how to become an active reader-someone who not only reads, but connects with what’s written. That’s the goal, to be involved with what you read and to think about what the writer’s really trying to communicate to you.

What’s the best part? Mastering reading doesn’t have to take a long time . . . and it doesn’t have to be difficult! In just one month, students will gain expertise and ease in understanding and remembering what they read, which will set them on a course for success for the rest of their lives.

How? Each lesson breaks the reading process down into smaller parts, so that each day builds upon what was learned the previous day. Before long, a student’s reading comprehension has increased remarkably-one step at a time. In just 15 minutes a day, students gain an essential understanding of: Words with multiple meanings Synonyms and antonyms Prefixes and suffixes Context clues Denotation and connotation Genre: Fiction and nonfiction Style and tone Text features Main idea and supporting details Chronology Comparing and contrasting Cause and effect Fact and opinion Making inferences Drawing conclusions Summarizing Character and setting Plot: Conflict and resolution Point of view Theme Imagery Flashback and foreshadowing Idiom, personification, hyperbole Similes and metaphors In addition to all the essential practice that kids need to ace classroom tests, pop quizzes, class participation, and standardized exams,

Junior Skill Builders: Reading in 15 Minutes a Day provides parents with an easy and accessible way to help their children excel. All it takes is just 15 minutes a day!

English Grammar Book Content


Lesson 1: Multiple-Meaning Words 19
• Don’t be fooled by words with more than one meaning

Lesson 2: Words That Sound or Look Alike 27
• The difference between a homophone and a homograph

Lesson 3: Synonyms and Antonyms 35
• Using words that mean the same or mean the opposite

Lesson 4: Prefixes and Suffixes 43
• Get clues about a word’s meaning from its parts

Lesson 5: Terminology and Jargon 51
• Don’t be thrown by technical terms and subject-matter vocabulary

Lesson 6: Context Clues 59
• Find the meaning of unknown words from hints in the text

Lesson 7: Denotation and Connotation 67
• Know what a word implies as well as what it really means



Lesson 8: Genre: Fiction or Nonfiction? 77
• How do you know if something’s fiction or not?

Lesson 9: Author’s Purpose 85
• Why did the author write this selection anyway?

Lesson 10: Tone and Style 93
• How does what authors say and how they say it make you feel?

Lesson 11: Text Features 101
• What information can you get from headings, subheads, and captions?

Lesson 12: Graphics 109
• What information can you get from graphs, maps, and other visuals?


Lesson 13: Main Idea and Supporting Details 119
• What’s a selection all about? Are there enough facts to back that idea?

Lesson 14: Chronological Order 127
• Follow things as they happen, from beginning to end

Lesson 15: Cause and Effect 135
• What makes something happen? What effect can one thing have on another?

Lesson 16: Compare and Contrast 143
• How are people, places, and events alike? How are they different?

Lesson 17: Fact and Opinion 151
• What can the author prove to be true? What are simply his or her personal beliefs?

Lesson 18: Question and Answer 159
• The author asks you a question, and then you find the answer

Lesson 19: Problem and Solution 167
• The author states what’s wrong and suggests how to fix it

Lesson 20: Making Inferences 175
• Learn to make good guesses so you can predict what’ll happen next

Lesson 21: Drawing Conclusions 183
• Weigh all the evidence, and then make a decision

Lesson 22: Summarizing 191
• Retell only the most important parts of what you read


Lesson 23: Character and Setting 201
• Who’s the story about?
• Where does the story take place?

Lesson 24: Plot: Conflict and Resolution 209
• Follow a story’s ups and downs on the path of happily ever after

Lesson 25: Point of View 217
• Who’s telling this story anyway?

Lesson 26: Theme 225
• What’s the message or lesson the author wants me to learn?

Lesson 27: Imagery 233
• Use your senses to get “into” the story

Lesson 28: Flashback and Foreshadowing 243
• Thinking about the past
• Warning readers about what might happen in the future

Lesson 29: Figurative Language: Idiom, Personification, Hyperbole 251
• Words don’t always mean what they say
• Objects can be characters, too
• Making things bigger than life

Lesson 30: Figurative Language: Similes and Metaphors 259
• Compare things that are different, in very interesting ways

English Reading Comprehension Book 

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Junior Skill Builders: Reading in 15 Minutes a Day provides parents with an easy and accessible way to help their children excel. All it takes is just 15 minutes a day!

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