English Reading Practice: Select Reading (Book & Audio)


Select Reading is a series of reading texts for pre-intermediate and intermediate students of English.
In both books high-interest reading passages serve as springboards for reading skills development, vocabulary building, language analysis, and thought-provoking discussion and writing

In select reading-pre intermediate, the readings address a wide range of fresh and engaging topics, like how to be a successful business person, electronic books of the future, love at first sight, and baseball fans around the world

The complete Select Readings – Pre-intermediate program includes the following components:
– Student Book
– Quizzes and Answer Key. This easy to use instructor’s companion includes an answer key for all activities in the Student Book and a reproducible, one-page quiz for each chapter
– Cassette. An Accompanying audio cassette features recordings of all of the reading passages in the book.

It’s one of the best English Reading Practice Book for intermediate level

Introduction: Select Reading (Book & Audio)

Chapter 1 Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
“What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?
Randy Gardner, a high school student in the United States, wanted to find out. ”

Chapter 2 Mika’s Homestay in London
‘“What do you want for your 19th birthday?’ my parents asked me. A ring, ’ I replied. However, instead of a ring, my parents gave me a one-month homestay in London. 

Chapter 3 The Book of the Future
“Will books in the future be similar to the books you can buy today? The answer to that question is no. ’’

Chapter 4 How to Be a Successful Businessperson 
“Here’s a story about one successful businessperson. He started out washing dishes and today he owns 168 restaurants. ”

Chapter 5 Tonic Water, Please
“During my first months in Canada,, I didn’t have a lot of trouble understanding people. Unfortunately, however, Canadians couldn’t always understand me. ”

Chapter 6 Cell Phones: Hang Up or Keep Talking?
“What is it that makes mobile phones potentially harmful? The answer is radiation. ”

Chapter 7 The Ghost Pilot
“The flight attendant leaned down to speak to the man but he ignored her.
Then, as she touched his arm, he slowly faded away, leaving only an empty seat. ”

Chapter 8 Helping Others
“On the last day, all of us stood inside a room we had built in just a week, feeling a sense of fulfillment. ”

Chapter 9 Baseball Fans Around the World
“Taiwanese fans often yell ‘Charge!’ to excite the baseball players. ”

Chapter 10 Vanessa-Mae: A 21st Century Musician
“By the time she was twelve, Vanessa-Mae had played with orchestras all over the world as a soloist. ”

Chapter 11 How Safe Is Nuclear Power?
“Supporters of nuclear energy say it is a necessary source of power.
This is especially true in countries like Japan, which depends on nuclear energy for about 35% of its power. ”

Chapter 12 Love at First Sight
“It was love at first sight. It’s always exciting to hear those words. But do people really believe in love at first sight?”

Chapter 13 A Day in the Life of a Freshman
“Iget up about seven o’clock in the morning. Since my friends and I have a group blind date tonight, I take extra time to look my best. ”

Chapter 14 Great Places to Visit
Each month, National Geographic Magazine asks
one of its editors: What are the best places to visit in your area of the world?

Select Reading (Book & Audio) Author

Linda Lee has academic degrees in History and Architecture, and an MA in TESOL from Boston University.

Linda Lee 

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Select Readings is a series of reading texts for pre-intermediate and intermediate students of English

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