TOP 500 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms must learn to speak like native speaker


Phrasal Verbs List: TOP 500 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Lesson 2

Phrasal Verbs EXAMPLE:

1. It’s very cold outside and your friend is about to leave without a coat. What do you say?
You’d better put a coat on.

2. You have been invited to an important dinner party. You are not sure if you need to wear very smart clothes or not. What do you say?
Do I need to dress up for the occasion?

3. A man comes to your house to repair the TV7. His shoes are very dirty. You want him to remove them before he comes in. What do you say?
►Could you take your shoes off. please?

4. You are in a clothes shop and you see a nice pair of trousers. You are not sure if they are the right size or if they’ll suit you. What do you say to the shop assistant?
►Can I try these trousers on. please?

5. You can’t fasten the button on your shirt. You ask for help. What do you say?
►Can you do this button up for me. please

6. You look at your shoes and you see there are holes in them. What do you say?
►My shoes are worn out/My shoes are wearing out.

7. You have been asked to make a speech in front of a large audience. At the last moment you feel very nervous and decide you can’t do it. What do you say?
►I can’t go through with it.

8. You’re trying to put on some shoes but they are too small for you. What do you say?
►I can’t get into these shoes.

9. You are asked if you want to continue studying at college or leave and find a job. You want to continue your studies. What do you say?
►I want to carry on with my studies.

10. You saw a thief in a green jumper and blue jeans. The police ask you what he was wearing. What do you say?
►He had on a green jumper and blue jeans.

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Phrasal Verbs List

Phrasal Verbs List

TOP 500 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms must learn – Lesson 2


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