Popular English Vocabulary: TOP Oxford 3000 Wordlist

Popular English Vocabulary: TOP Oxford 3000 Wordlist in English Speaking practice

Popular English Vocabulary: TOP Oxford 3000 Wordlist in English Speaking practice 

The keywords of the Oxford 3000 have been carefully chosen by a group of language experts and experienced teachers as the most important and useful words to learn in English. These words have been chosen for three reasons.

The words that are used most frequently in English are included, based on the information in the American English section of the Oxford English Corpus. A corpus is an electronically held collection of written and spoken texts, and this corpus contains more than 2 billion words.

However, just being frequent in the corpus is not enough for a word to be chosen as a keyword. Some words may be used very frequently, but only in a limited area, such as in newspapers or scientific articles. In order to avoid including these restricted words, we include as keywords only those words that are frequent across a range of different types of text. In other words, keywords are both frequent and used in a variety of different contexts.

In addition, the list also includes some important words that are very familiar to most users of English, even though they are not used very frequently. These include, for example, words for parts of the body, words used in travel, and words that are useful for explaining what you mean when you do not know the exact word for something. These words were identified by asking a group of experts in the fields of teaching and language study

The Oxford 3000 Wordlist is shown in the main section of the dictionary in a different color from the other words, and are marked with a key symbol . The entries for keywords often have extra information such as more examples of use, special notes explaining synonyms or related words, or helpful illustrations. This means that the keywords are an excellent starting point for expanding your vocabulary. With most keywords, there is much more to learn about them than the first meaning in the entry. These words often have many meanings, have a large family of words that come from them, or are used in a variety of patterns.

The list covers American English only. Some basic phrases are also included. Proper names (names of people, places, etc. beginning with a capital letter) are not included in the list.

In order to make the definitions in this dictionary easy to understand, we have written them using the keywords of the Oxford 3000. All words used in normal definition text are keywords, or are on the list of language study terms. Numbers and proper names are also used in definitions.

When we needed to use a word that is not in the list, the word is shown in small capitals or in bold.

Popular English Vocabulary

Popular English Vocabulary

TOP Oxford 3000 Wordlist

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  1. 3000 words video is excellent, especially help correct pronunciation.
    Could you kindly make the high levels in the different ranges of words such as from 3000 – 6000, 6000-9000, and 9000 -12,000? These will be much helpful!
    Really appreciate!