Reading Comprehension Test and Worksheet Overview



Advanced Reading Comprehension Tests were designed for Advanced Learners. Each test has a passage and questions

Target: Improve reading skills and vocabulary in shortest time

Instructions: Each test has a passage. After reading the passage, you’ll answer the questions. Choose the best answer to the question then submit to save your answer.

Level: Advanced


It took us five years to get used to this routine and now it’s all going to be changed. Now I’m going to have to draw up an entirely new set of specifications and present them to the Board, and who knows what they’ll say? I wish somebody had asked for my opinion a week ago, since I’m the one who’s going to be doing all the work. We’ll need to figure out the manufacturing tolerances first, and then come up with a way to reorganize the assembly process so as to minimize the impact on other operations. Let’s not forget this isn’t the only item we make over at the factory. If we pull too many resources from other assembly lines, those products will suffer. On the other hand, this is our best-selling product, so we have to make sure we get it right the first time. It would be disastrous if we had to recall products once they’re shipped out to retailers due to some kind of mass manufacturing defect. Things like that have brought down bigger companies than ours.


1. How long has this routine been in place?
2. Drawing up specifications probably requires someone who can draw well with pencil and paper.
3. Who has to approve the new specifications?
4. What’s the first thing that has to be figured out?
5. This is one of many products made at the factory.
6. This product is made on the same assembly line as other products.
7. Why is it important that the new manufacturing process be done right the first time?
8. What do you think the word “recall” (underlined) means?
9. Explain the last sentence in your own words.

1. …………………..
2. True  or False

3. …………………..
4. …………………..
5. True  or False
6. True  or False

7. …………………..

8. …………………..
9. …………………..

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Introduction: Advanced Reading Comprehension Tests were designed for Advanced Learners. Each test has a passage and questions



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