TOP American Idioms with Example


1. To be in charge of
=> Do what Linda tells you to do because she’s in charge of this office

2. To be in the Way
=> If my sister goes with me on my date with my boyfriend. She will really be  in the way

3. Be my guest
=> If you want to go out, then be my guest, but I am staying home

4. To be named after
=> I was named after my grandfather

5. To be no big dead
=> Don’t worry about losing the game. It’s no big deal

6. To be on top of the world
=> I’m in top of the world. My boss just raised my salary

7. To bear in mind or to keep in mind
=> When you go camping you should bear in mind that it gets very cold at night

8. Behind someone’s back
=> I can not believe that she went out on a date with him behind my back

9. To build castles in the air
=> Susan, I am happy that you want to be president of the United States but don’t build castles in the air

10. To drop someone a line
=> When i arrive in London. I will drop you a line to let you know i got there safely


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TOP American Idioms with Example

TOP American Idioms with Example


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